Pre-screening of sperm quality.
The only self-test that measures the progressive motile sperm count.
20% of all men have a too low sperm quality. In recent decades, the number of sperm cells per milliliter has fallen by 59.3%. In 30% of couples who experience fertility problems, the cause lies with the man.

If the cause of the fertility problem can be identified at an early stage a possible fertility treatment can be started sooner. This increases the chance of pregnancy. The time, costs and emotional stress experienced by many couples with fertility problems will be reduced.

Swimcount is a home test for pre-screening the sperm quality. It is the first step for couples who are concerned about their fertility. Swimcount shows an initial indication about the cause of their fertility problems. The test can be performed at home, in a trusted environment, at a time of your choosing.

Swimcount gives a quick and clear result on the quality of the sperm, the number of progressive motile sperm cells per ml.
Swimcount gives a reliable result with an accuracy of 95% compared to a standard sperm analysis.
Based on the WHO criteria (5th and 2010) for a total of 323 sperm samples, obtained from sperm donors and men who were eligible for fertility treatments.
Swimcount is not a replacement for the standard sperm analysis, but gives a clear initial indication about male fertility.

Consumer price incl. VAT: € 49,95