The non-hormonal treatment of vaginal atrophy due to menopause.

Premeno Duo vaginal pessaries are made on a biotechnological basis. The active ingredient of Premeno duo is hyaluronic acid 5 mg as sodium salt.

The product is used in gynecology as adjuvant therapy for the recovery of the vagina epithelium due to atrophy and dystrophy of the vagina epithelium. For example due to estrogen deficiency during menopause.

Why are women dissatisfied and is therapy compliance low with estrogen treatment?

Therapy compliance is low because women experience insufficient effectiveness and do not like the administration. Especially fear of hormones, breast cancer, side effects and systemic absorption are important causes. It has been shown that the fears of these women are not entirely unfounded. Time for an alternative without hormones.


In diverse onderzoeken is aangetoond dat vaginaal ovules met 5mg hyaluronzuur een uitstekend niet-hormonaal alternatief vormen voor behandeling van vaginale droogheid en atrofie.

Efficacy versus vaginal estrogen tablets

Oestrogeen vaginaal tablet P Hyaluronzuur vaginaal pessarie P
Vaginal symptoms 0.001 0.001
Vaginal atrophy 0.001 0.001
Maturation index 0.001 0.001
  • 5mg Hyaluronic acid vaginal ovules and vaginal estrogen tablets are equally effective in treatment of postmenopausal women suffering from vaginal atrophy.
  • The positive effects on epithelial atrophy and maturation index have been determined both cytologically and histologically.


Premeno® Duo vaginal pessarie
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