Normaflor vaginal tablets are used for the prevention of vaginal infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis.

Normaflor quickly reduces the vaginal pH to its physiological level. As a result, women are better protected against recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis or Candida.

Normaflor vaginal tablets are indicated for a disturbed vaginal microflora, for example as a result of Bacterial Vaginosis. Normaflor should be used for 6 days after treatment with antibiotics or after treatment with Evagynal. For optimum prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis or Candida, Normaflor should be applied monthly (after menstruation).

Normaflor reduces the pH-level and encourages beneficial Lactobacilli to grow and naturally produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and bacteriocin. This leads to an unfavorable environment for the development of pathogens in the vagina.

To completely restore the vaginal flora a dosing regimen of 1 tablet every 6 days after menstruation, for 6 months is recommended.

The efficacy and safety of Normaflor has been established in clinical trials.

Normaflor vaginal tablets contain 250 mg of ascorbic acid per vaginal tablet. The vaginal tablets have a special galenic form, whereby the ascorbic acid is released slowly and is suitable for responsible vaginal administration.

Normaflor is registered as a medical device and is available without a prescription. To prevent improper use, for example with existing vaginal Candida infections or STDs, the diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis must first be determined by a doctor.

Normaflor® vaginal tablet
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