Deumavan is a nurturing intimate ointment, available in the BENELUX since April 2014. In Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, Deumavan products have been leading in intimate care for years.

Numerous gynecologists, dermatologists, sexologists and general practitioners have experienced that Deumavan offers great support in the treatment of problems in the intimate zone for both women and men.

Many female patients complain about skin problems in the genital area that can cause significant discomfort such as itching, burning, touching pain and painful intercourse. Usually without a recognizable pathological background. Often they are well-groomed and sporty women, who clean themselves several times a day (partly too often). These actions alone can often already be the cause of the problems.

The anogenital region accommodates a large population of microorganisms and is often heavily anatomically and mechanically burdened. Moreover, visible monitoring of the skin and cleaning situation is often difficult for patients. The natural protection of the fat film produced by the sebaceous glands can be removed due to water, toilet paper or alcoholic creams. The skin dries out and painful fissures occur, offering micro-organisms an easy opening for possible infections.

The solution to this problem is Deumavan, an anhydrous fatty ointment with vitamin E, without preservatives and parabens. By applying Deumavan one or more times daily, the fat film is restored and the natural wetting is retained. The skin remains smooth and supple. Due to the water-free nature of Deumavan ointment this offers no breeding ground for bacterial growth. In addition, the highly purified fats are virtually allergen-free and make their use particularly suitable for sensitive skin types.

Deumavan is very suitable as:

  • Maintenance treatment with Lichen Sclerosus (especially with the intermittent use of derma corticosteroids).
  • Preventive daily cleaning and care of the genitals and anal area.
  • Accompanying care for inflammatory diseases.
  • Skin protection for sports (cycling, swimming, horse riding, etc.).
  • Scar care after surgery or radiation.
  • Care of the anal area with hemorrhoids.
  • Before and after the intimate shave.
Consumer price incl. VAT: starting at € 8,00